A brief introduction to what I do!

Welcome to my professional ‘Soul to Soul ‘Animal Therapy website where I am committed to offering a platform for supporting, intuitively and psychically assessing, and helping you with your animals. I do this by helping to provide solutions, healing, and animal communication for any concerns you may have surrounding the animal’s behaviour, overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

As an extensively trained and insured Animal Communicator, Wellbeing Consultant & Therapist, Spiritual Medium, psychic and Spiritual Healer, I work with animals to connect with their innermost feelings and desires offering a full holistic treatment to help create good health and happiness for them. This often facilitates a new and deeper understanding between animal and their carer to create a deeper bond of love, harmony and understanding.

I also offer an additional service for horses or horse & rider combined, using my many years of horsemanship experiences, knowledge, healing, intuition, and psychic skills. I work alongside the partnership of human and animal, to address issues to help build a stronger bond, overcome difficulties and create better performance in all areas of riding disciplines whether it is horses for leisure purposes or competition.

In accordance with, The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, none of our treatments are meant to replace veterinary treatment. If your animal is unwell or under the care of a veterinary surgeon, you must firstly contact your veterinary. Therapy for animals is complementary to veterinary treatment not a substitute, therefore, if the above applies, you need to seek written and signed permission from your veterinary before our treatment can take place. No guarantees of any kind are given as to the information transmitted during any of the services.

A little about me!

I have been working as a complementary therapist and spiritual healer with people and animals successfully since 1997. 

I was lucky enough to have spent my childhood growing up at the foot of the beautiful Surrey hills surrounded by vast countryside and nature. I have the incredible motivation and desire to show others how to build and connect with their animals to form a bond of unbreakable unity. I am eternally grateful to have the voice of reason within the animal kingdom and play a small part in sharing my special gifts of healing, psychic and mediumship abilities along with safe and effective nurturing with them.

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