About me

I have been working as a complementary therapist and spiritual healer with people and animals successfully since 1997. I was lucky enough to have spent my childhood growing up at the foot of the beautiful Surrey hills surrounded by vast countryside and nature. I have the incredible motivation and desire to show others how to build and connect with their animals to form a bond of unbreakable unity and understanding. I am eternally grateful to have been given a voice of reason within the animal kingdom. I play the part of sharing my special gifts of healing, psychic and mediumship abilities in a safe and effective nurturing way with them.

I have a lifelong love of animals and since my journey began from a very young age, I have helped animals in so many ways; by healing pain and trauma, developing mutual understanding, and restoring balance and harmony enabling them to live and cope within our hectic world.  I have proven to show an affinity with animals in a healing and joyful way, managing to encompass their needs compassionately and endearingly. I share my life in Horsham, West Sussex with my ex- racehorse horse called Gally, two cats, Ashley and Willow and adorable Cockapoo dog Lily.

I hold a proud memory of rescuing 6 fledgling blue tits when I was nine years old. Their branch of rest had fallen into the river near my home in Chilworth and the birds were being swept downstream drowning. I managed to rescue them from the water and take them home where I spent hours holding and nurturing them, willing them to recover and heal from their frightening experience. The next day they were able to return successfully to the wild.

Another profound memory was when my daughter was given a ginger kitten for her birthday named Sammy. One evening, only a few days later, the kitten became extremely ill, lethargic, and would not eat. The next morning Sammy was taken to the vet and sadly diagnosed with cat flu. The vet said that he had probably been born with it and that his Mother would have had it to, along with some of the rest of the litter. It was sad for me to know that the owners had not noticed these problems. The vet said that he did not think that Sammy would survive another night and was not able to medicate him with anything. I took him home and sat up with him most of the night holding him and sending healing energy in the hope that he would make an improvement.  The next morning too everyone’s amazement, Sammy was much brighter and active. The vet checked him over and was astounded by his improvement. He was given antibiotics and continued to get stronger over the next few days and went on to lead a happy and healthy life.

My love of horses developed from an even younger age and I would spend much of my spare time leaning on fences watching horses in fields, and mucking out all weekend at the local stables to earn a short ride to the field, writing horsey projects, and reading horsey books. I longed to have a pony of my own one day and this did become a reality when I was 17 years old. In the meantime, I spent my younger years learning to ride and looking after other people’s ponies and horses. I worked with horses for several years and had the best time working at a racehorse stud. I also specialised in helping owners deal with their issues between them and their horses and also, re-training horses who had become too difficult for their owners to handle through their own lack of knowledge and often no fault of their own. My experience and knowledge developed and became the foundation of all I know today. I continue to learn and train whilst working and developing my skills further. I believe that we never stop learning, and realise the importance of keeping up to date with new ideas which help expand my multi-faceted, and pleasurable work.

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