Horse & Owner/Rider

My greatest love is that of horses, these majestic and wonderful creatures have and always will fill my heart with joy and continue to touch the very soul of my being.

Within my work I offer a service for horses, and their owners/riders which can ultimately change their awareness, thinking and beliefs surrounding the important relationships between them and their equine friends.  My work provides an opportunity to develop a ‘knowing’ of how horses see and relate to our human world just by deepening a heartfelt connection and understanding, along with patience and an ability to trust your own intuition. Animal communication can bring clarity to a problem by merging heart and mind towards a solution bringing harmony and balance between you, making the relationship enjoyable and lasting.

I receive phone calls from people who are struggling to find answers as to why things are going wrong and are often at a ‘dead end’ of what to do or how to solve the issues they may be experiencing. My work can save you time, energy, and frustration enabling you to make better, clearer decisions regarding your equine partnerships and journey. Most people want the best for their horses, and I can add that little something special by presenting answers to help the owners provide the optimal care, and health that their horses deserve. 

My many years of experience with horses, my psychic ability, spiritual healing and also as a certified Wellness Consultant & Therapist, I strive to help people find the answers as to why things may go wrong or things are not going along quite as expected . I build my awareness energetically around each animal client and look deeper into discovering the reasons why issues may have developed using my animal communication, psychic exchange, and animal healing. Each animal and human client are individual and treated as such and so my work remains personal and unique. 

Initially I will travel to carry out a first assessment following a brief phone conversation. The assessment involves gathering information from a psychic perspective, this could be the animal’s history, environment, and care. I then dig deeper into the animal’s experiences, needs, and wishes and relay my findings back to the owner/rider. Following this, I put a working plan together to enable good progress towards achieving the required outcomes. Any subsequent sessions do require commitment, dedication and patience from the owner as well as my support and working skills, to help achieve the ultimate goals expected. 

I also provide stand alone Spiritual Healing treatments which may help in addressing stress, anxiety, health, and behavioural concerns.
As a trained and insured professional I follow high standards and practice a strict code of conduct to protect both animal and owner’s confidentiality to help build a strength of trust between us.