Animal Communication 

I would like to explain the concept of animal communication to you and how it can help to enrich relationships with our animal friends.

Animals are amazing, receptive creatures, always trying to communicate with us. They are happy to share how they feel, what works for them and what does not, whether it is pain, misunderstanding, or environmental issues. They are so good at picking up on our mood and feelings and they often would like to give us messages to help us improve our lives by sharing insightful information from their unique perspective and experience. Animals and humans can mirror each other, and behave, think, and feel, in similar ways, and this is the energy exchange which exists between us all.   

Using my intuition, psychic connection, and mediumship skills I receive images, sensations, and feelings, through an energetic transfer of information by connecting with the animal heart to heart, and soul to soul enabling me to engage in subtle communication.  Animals are intelligent, thinking and feeling beings and often more connected and grounded than we are. I know that every animal behaviour, good or bad, often has reasoning behind it and animal communication can help my human clients understand how to resolve new or long-standing issues with their animals. Sometimes people just want to know the history of their animal and if anything is troubling them or if they are happy.

I use animal communication as a stand-alone service or combined with my other skills and experience. What I do know is that most animals often have a story to tell.

I work with photos and can provide a reading by email, skype, zoom, or by phone. I also travel to owner and animal to provide 1 to 1 insight, and guidance to the reasons behind behaviour, emotional disconnect, and pain, which may lead to an understanding and awareness to provide the answers for issues you may be experiencing.